Why Steel ?

Fast Installation

Since there is no need for concrete, except for the foundation and basement, the erection of steel construction can be made rapidly without depending on weather conditions and allowing for a reduction in capital requirements and construction costs. For example, the installation of a 200sq/metre house can be completed within a very short time, in some cases as quick as 5 days. 


Pre-fabricated framing elements provide high quality with low prices,shortening the time required to complete the construction. Steel has the highest load-carrying capacity to weight ratio in construction framing., Steel construction elements can be produced in smaller cross sections and amounts, which are lighter and higher in quality. In steel construction, dimensions of the bearing elements are smaller than the wood and the concrete, which enables more usage area and; as a result, provides the construction area to be used more efficiently. Reasonable prices and the short time period required to complete construction enable people to reside in their residences very soon, thus enables them to pay lower rents, interest and to have cost advantages.

High Quality

A high quality of steelis being produced with characteristics determined by international standards and is an entirely industrial productEvery stage of its production is standardised and certified. Neither producer nor user can interfere in the products’ physical characteristics. Moreover, theoretical calculation regarding the steel remain valid in application. Since steel is not hidden in the concrete, it is always possible to inspect theusage and whether it’s usage is in accordance with the project and the determined standards.


Steel is a resistant and re-usable material. Steel can also be recovered from disassembled steel construction A light-steel made construction’s frame could be obtained from 7-8 junk automobiles. However, if such materials were to be obtained from wood it would result in the use of of 50 trees.

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